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Amma Spa Experience



Amma Spa Experiences


The varied treatments at Amma Spa are tailored to provide guests with an exceptional experience.  The core of the menu is based on the key treatments reflecting the renewing traditions of China and America


Each Amma Spa Experiences takes

2 hours 30 minutes / £270


Inspired by China

Designed to help restore your body's Qi (vital energy), this experience uses rejuvenating essential oils and massage techniques on acupressure points from head to toe, stimulating the meridians (energy lines) to release stress and leaving you feeling energised and relaxed.


  • Green tea aromatic foot bath
  • Body scrub with energising essential oils
  • Massage using traditional Chinese techniques
  • Traditional Chinese facial massage


Inspired by America

This experience focuses on grounding the body energetically and physically using ancient Navajo techniques. Using cleansing herbs such as sage and cedar, this soothing treatment helps to release muscular tension and promote a quiet mind and restorative sleep patterns.


  • Foot bath with herbs
  • Foot and leg grounding massage
  • Red clay wrap with herbs
  • River rock stone massage


Body eEnvelopment


Body Envelopment


Body envelopment treatments employs 'Apothecary', a blend of natural ingredients and earth clay's applied to the body.  The natural clay's replenish and promote regeneration of the skin, leaving it healthier with improved tone and texture.  A deeply relaxing head massage accompanies the treatment.


45 minutes / £70 


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