Full Body Experience

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Full Body Experience



Full Body Experience


Your therapist will mix just the right ingredients to uniquely suit you and your body's needs.





  • Foot bath
  • Body Scrub
  • Body Envelopment with scalp massage
  • Infrared Sauna


2 hours / £180


Body Scrub


Harnessing the benefits of essential oils blended with Himalayan crystal salts, Amma's Spa body scrubs contain all of the 84 mineral elements found in the body; Cleansing and softening the skin while revitalising the body's energy lines, a scrub is an excellent preparation for any body treatment.


45 minutes / £70




Body eEnvelopment


Body Envelopment


Body envelopment treatments employs 'Apothecary', a blend of natural ingredients and earth clay's applied to the body.  The natural clay's replenish and promote regeneration of the skin, leaving it healthier with improved tone and texture.  A deeply relaxing head massage accompanies the treatment.


45 minutes / £70 


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