Natural Face Lift Massage

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Natural Face Lift Massage



Natural Face Lift Massage is a special combination of massage techniques. 


These are Anma, which is the traditional system of massage in Japan and Ayurveda, the ancient Indian healing method. 


This system of facial massage is part of the ancient teachings of both India and Japan, and has been refined for the West over time. 


Natural Face Lift Massage can improves the complexion, removes toxins from the face, prevents facial wrinkles and balances the emotions. 


The intention of Natural Face Lift Massage is to help prolong your natural, true health and beauty and to prevent disease




  • A comprehensive mind and body treatment performed on the face, head, neck and shoulders.
  • Ideal for clients who do not want to disrobe, but would like a pampering massage.
  • Excellent for those who carry all their desk or driving tension in their upper body.
  • The facial skin feels invigorated, lifted and supple.
  • Better upper respiratory function through the relaxant effect and sinus drainage.
  • Better local circulation for face and scalp.
  • Tension feels as though it is lifted from the scalp.




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