Tibetan Salt Massage

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Tibetan Salt Massage



Tibetan Massage with Salt Balls



Tibetan Salt Massage relaxes, loosen up the muscles and regain energy.


This massage is given through pressure movements, rotation and simulations on different points of the energy circuits.


It has an effect on the chakras and balances the body. 


The salt balls are warmed up, revived with a selection of essential oils and drained. 


Throughout the massage treatment, the salt melts and disperses it's qualities, whilst simultaneously relaxing and energising the body.




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Location: Purley, Surrey.


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Holiday Home and Retreat: 

Situated in an idyllic spot in the

residential area within a National Park.

Simplicity, tranquillity and time elements so often missing in our frenetic modern lives. 


Awaits you in Vale da Telha (Western Algarve)






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